Everyone has a starting point that is different and you do not need to “be in shape” before you start. We’ll get you in the best shape of your life and you’ll get to know some pretty awesome people while you’re at it!

We do not provide supervised child care. We do have a kids room where kiddos can safely hang out while you get your sweat on so you are more than welcome to bring them in when you come!

We are West of the Case Community Center, same road as the old baseball park entrance.

106 Wellston Park Road
Sand Springs, OK 74063

As with ANY sport or physical activity there is opportunity for injury. We take this very seriously and coach our classes with athletes safety as the number one priority. It is your responsibility as an athlete to let your coaches know of any pre-existing injury/issues and to LISTEN to your coaches when they make changes or correct form/load.

Being a coachable athlete is crucial to your success in the box.

This really depends on where you are starting at. Some athletes might tolerate a more frequent schedule than others, and if you are just starting out it’s always a good idea to ease into it. We will talk to you about your schedule when you come in and do your personal sessions during your first week. Rest days are important for everyone!!

We will set up a personal session with you to get some basic info and evaluate your starting point. Based on that we will decide on a plan together to get you started, this is when we’ll discuss frequency and rest days and any modifications that you might need.

Give us a call or send us an message to get started!

Not new to CrossFit? We’d love to have you drop in! You can check out our schedule and sign up for a class time that works for you and just pay the drop in fee.

Safety. We run smaller class sizes which allows our staff to spend more time with athletes one on one checking proper form.

You can sign up on our website. Just find the class day/time that works for you and sign your name up as long as there is an open spot. We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you are not signed up online and class is full you will have to wait until the next available class time.

No special items required!! Minimalist shoes are best, shorts or yoga pants.

No problem! We can modify any movement that we do and have no problem doing that for you. You’ll still get a great workout in and we’ll work towards the movement with progression work.

CrossFit does have it’s own language, but don’t let that keep you away! We go over every WOD, break down every movement and always go over any questions before we get started. You’ll pick up the lingo pretty quickly! WOD = Workout Of the Day